Very Unique Wedding Cake Toppers for Couples with Great Senses of Humor

Every wedding is unique, but there are those who want to extend it beyond just the couple themselves. What follows are a collection of unique wedding cake toppers that are really special. Each of them demonstrates a unique setting that makes for a marvelous scene. For the couple that really wants to stand out, these are the types of cake toppers that will make such a statement.

Sox Fans Unite Cake Toppers

Sox Wedding Cake Toppers

The love of the Sox knows no bounds in this wonderful Sox cake toppers featuring a happy bride and groom. The groom is sporting a nifty black tux, slacks and shoes while wearing a white, red and black cap complete with the Sox logo. The bride is wearing a traditional strapless wedding dress that also features the Sox logo on her gown. Together, these Sox fans are certainly happy and this cake topper shows remarkable details in the logo cap and veil as well.

Show off the Tats

Bride and Groom Cake Topper with Tattoos

This couple proudly shows off their tattoos in this remarkable tattoo wedding cake toppers piece. The groom is more casually dressed in slacks, shirt, a loose tie and a white belt while his bride wears a unique ivory colored strapless wedding dress while holding a bouquet of flowers. The beaming couple is certainly a pleasant sight and look at the intricate details in their tattoos which are very well represented, making this one of the more unique cake toppers in the collection.

Blackhawk Fans Forever Together

Couple in Red Chicago Blackhawks Jersey Cake Toppers

There is little doubt that this couple’s favorite team is as they sport identical Blackhawks jerseys. The couple is also wearing matching black slacks and shoes while holding hands. They are standing on a very detailed Blackhawks hockey rink with a banner proclaiming their names and wedding date. Note the details in the logo design, strips and the rink itself which is accurately recreated. This couple in Blackhawks jersey toppers certainly takes the cake with their unique outfits.

Brazilian vs. UK Tug of War

Brazilian Vs UK Tug of War Pull Action Wedding Cake Toppers

This couple demonstrates how love can cross national boundaries in this unique Brazilian vs. UK cake toppers unit. The groom is wearing a traditional tux complete with black shoes as he’s holding onto a rope that the bride is pulling on as well. She is sporting a beautiful strapless wedding dress and managing to hold on to a bouquet of flowers as well. Behind the groom and bride are the Union Jack and Brazilian flags respectively. The base of the cake topper is two hearts melding into one, making this an extraordinary beautiful piece.

The Wedding Event that is Not Downhill

Skiing to the Altar Cake Toppers

Our happy couple is getting to their wedding at a faster speed in this skiing to the alter cake toppers piece. The groom is sporting a traditional tux, but with an open jacket as he holds a ski pole in his right hand. The bride is decked out in a stunning strapless wedding dress and holds a large bouquet of flowers in one hand and a ski pole in the other. Note the details of the flowers and wedding dress as the happy couple skis their way into matrimony.

Couples Popping Wheelies Topper

Motorcycle Cake Toppers Couple do Standing Wheelies

The bride and groom pop a wheelie on their respective motorcycles in this highly unique and detailed cake topper. The groom is wearing jeans, sneakers, a Pittsburg Steelers jersey and backwards black baseball cap while the bride is wearing a traditional wedding dress with a leather vest over the top. Note the details in their respective outfits which include the “Street Assassins” stitching and the motorcycles themselves. This standing wheelies cake toppers is certainly one of the best and most intricate created.

The Off-Road Adventure Wedding

Dirt Bike Wheelie Cake Toppers

A very unique cake topper features the groom atop his favorite motorcycle popping a wheelie in delight while his bride looks on in this dirt bike wheelie cake toppers unit. The groom is decked out in black slacks and a white shirt with rolled up sleeves. He smiles broadly as he pops a wheelie while also sporting a boutonniere in his shirt pocket. The bride is beaming as well, wearing a beautiful strapless wedding dress and holding a bag with the word “Dance” on the front. Note the details in the motorcycle and the veil which make this a unique wedding cake topper.

Setting Up the Spike Shot Topper

Sand Volleyball Wedding Cake Toppers

The bride is setting the groom up for a spike in this funny sand volleyball wedding cake toppers piece. The groom is fully decked out in black tux and shoes while jumping into the air ready to spike the ball. The bride is setting up his shot while wearing a traditional strapless wedding dress. Note the details in the ball, net and the bride’s hair and dress in this remarkable cake topper. The groom’s leap is also very well done above the sands.

Fervent Fans of Syracuse plus Others

Red Sox and Phillies Wedding Cake Topper with Syracuse University Flag

The combination of Red Sox, Phillies and Syracuse University is very well crafted in this wedding cake topper. The groom is wearing a full Red Sox uniform and holds a football with New England Patriots logo in his right hand. His outfit is completed by the Red Sox cap. His bride is wearing a modified Phillies uniform with cap and is also holding a Philadelphia Eagles football in her left hand. However, this Syracuse University cake toppers piece is topped off by a flag sporting the Syracuse name and colors. This is certainly a remarkable piece with excellent details in the uniforms, logos and setting.

Feeling Seminole Pride

Doak Campbell Stadium FSU Cake Toppers

Our happy couple is standing proudly in an excellent reproduction of Doak Campbell Stadium in this FSU wedding cake toppers piece. The groom is wearing a traditional black tux, but sports an FSU baseball cap as he holds his smiling bride. She is wearing a beautiful traditional wedding gown while holding a flower bouquet. There are wonderful details such as the bride’s garter, pearls around her wrist and the funny “Happy New Year” tiara on her head. This is certainly one of the most unique wedding cake toppers which are both beautiful and funny at the same time.

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